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At Dynamic Fitness Solutions, located in Delray Beach, we understand that most people have struggled and often failed at losing weight, toning up and getting fit. We also understand that joining a new health and fitness program can be overwhelming and scary. The highly skilled, experienced professional personal trainers at Dynamic Fitness Solutions, along with our intimate environment, will put you at ease and make you feel encouraged, supported and motivated throughout your journey with us. Dynamic Fitness Solutions provides our clients with a quaint, supportive and family-like environment. There are NO busy times, NO waiting for equipment and NO “meatheads” making you feel intimidated and uncomfortable. We provide a comfortable, personable and friendly atmosphere for you to train.

At Dynamic Fitness Solutions, our studio and fitness programs are centered on the most important thing…YOU! Our expert certified personal trainers work one on one with you to help you reach your health and fitness goals in the fastest, most efficient and effective way possible. We are committed to results and that’s why we can offer 100% GUARANTEED RESULTS or your money back!


Rich, I felt compelled to let you know how happy I am to have you as my personal trainer. I have been physically active all of my life including 5 years as an NFL cheerleader. I have never felt stronger and healthier largely due to your perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Yes… I love those oh so easy planks, NOT! My balance and flexibility have returned and I have muscles that “pop” just where I want them. Your extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to our workouts provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle! Rich, you are brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. You are the real deal in an industry full of wanna-bees and you are the standard by which any trainer should be measured. Thank you Rich, you are the BEST! Dale

I have been working with Nicole for over a year. During this time I have increased in strength, balance and overall conditioning. Nicole approaches all her sessions in a very scientific manner and tailors her workouts. I have not only been able to tone my body with Nicole’s help but have also dropped a dress size as well as inches. She is very professional, and understanding of my needs and limitations. Yes she pushes me to the limit and I greatly appreciate this.” –Ranjita Sharma, 49, Mother

Dear Rich As you may remember, the first day I walked in your office and we discussed my fitness goals I was literally in tears, having allowing the pressures of work, marriage and motherhood to rob me of one of the joys of my life–exercise. It has been about six weeks since that day and I have not looked or felt better since competing in track and field in college. Outside of the amazing results we have achieved, I look forward to our sessions because they are fun, exciting, always varied, challenging and push me beyond where I could alone. Your knowledge and passion for what you do is evident, you are always punctual and prepared–characteristics which I value highly and rarely see today. I am not only achieving my fitness goals, but have also learned how to exercise more effectively and eat a healthy balanced diet–I believe this are the keys to maintaining what we are achieving. Thank you! Best Regards, Kahlilah L. Guyah Principal EHS Consultant EHS Compliance Services Inc.

I have always been in good shape and motivated to work out until I had my son. It was hard finding time to work, care for him, sleep, and work out. Nicole has helped me so much. She has taken the baby fat and found muscle again. Working out with her is fun and she is constantly pushing me and taking me to the next level. I could not have done it without her. Thank you Nicole.” –Dr. Graber, 36, OBGYN