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Do You Have Bad Knees -An Exercise Program to Give You Relief


Nicole MolinDo You Have Bad Knees – An Exercise Program to Give You Relief

As a fitness professional and strength coach, I see clients with some sort of knee problem on a regular basis. According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, knee injuries account for 15 percent of all sports injuries. However, there are likely numerous people who have experienced chronic knee pain without having an acute injury. In fact, nearly seventy percent of ACL injuries are noncontact, i.e. the athlete was not touched by another at the time the injury took place (Griffin et al, 2000). Often the reason for this is that the muscles involved in movement demands of the sport haven’t been trained properly, especially not in all three planes of motion, causing muscular imbalances leading to injury (Grice, 2015).

Often when people go to the doctor with knee pain/discomfort, the doctor typically says, “take X for the pain and rest”. In my experience this treatment is a Band-Aid and doesn’t correct the underlining issue causing the knee pain. Not correcting the underlying issue may result in further injury and the cumulative injury cycle will just continue to cause injury and complications.

In order to promote recovery and prevent future injuries, a corrective exercise program is recommended. “You should strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee to relieve some stress from the joint without causing pain to it,” says Alejandro Rojas, head of fitness at Health LA. “Try exercises that help strengthen your muscles by lengthening them. Use no or very little weight so you don’t create stress to your knees” (Grice, 2015).

Below are some stretches and exercises that may help ease the tension on the knee joint caused by tight and weak muscles. The stretches will help loosen the tight muscle while the strength exercises will help strengthen the weak muscles. Together this may help reduce knee pain. The purpose of the exercise prescription below is to give those with noncontact injuries caused by muscle weaknesses and imbalances a basic program that will help provide some relief, so this program might not be right for everyone.


Stretch 1 – Calf Stretch

Stretch 2 – Quad Stretch

Stretch 3 – Reclined Piriformis Stretch

Stretch 4 – Inner Thigh Stretch

Stretch 5 – Reclined Hamstring Stretch


Exercise 1 – Calf Raises

Exercise 2 – Single Leg Deadlift

Exercise 3 – Supine Bridge Kicks

Exercise 4 – Side Lying Leg raises

Exercise 5 – Clams

Exercise 6 – Resistance mini-band walks

Exercise 7 – Reclined straight leg raises

Exercise 8 – Lunges

At Dynamic Fitness Solutions we pride ourselves in comprehensive postural and functional evaluations and individual exercise programs. To receive a specific exercise prescription based on your individual conditions and needs, contact Dynamic Fitness Solutions at 561-880-5799 (call/text) or to schedule a complimentary diagnostic consultation.

Consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen and if you feel any pain while doing an exercise, stop immediately.


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