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How To Quit Overeating On The Weekends

MONDAY March 28, 2016

Nicole MolinDoes this sound familiar?

You worked out, ate nutritious breakfasts, brought your lunches to work, had healthy snacks and ate clean dinners all week long. You are so proud of yourself and you should!!!

But then, drum roll….the weekend rolls around!!!

You promise yourself that this weekend will be different than in the past. This is the weekend that you vowed to eat healthy and stay on track with your fitness goals all weekend. You say to yourself “I got this this and nothing and no one will hold me back.”

All is going really well until you come home from work on Friday night stressed out and tired from the long work week. So, you order out pizza (but it’s the healthier kind) and take the edge off with a glass (or two) of wine.

You swear this is the only “bad” meal you will have. In fact, the pizza you ordered is light on the cheese and has lots of veggies. And you’ll only eat 1 slice. And we all know how the rest of the story goes…

Then Saturday is here and you’re back to sticking to your healthy goals like you did all week. Except you’re shopping and there isn’t any healthy places to eat, so you make an exception and only break the rules a little bit.

And here comes Saturday night and you’ve been invited out to a cocktail party and dinner. You swear you’ll only eat the vegetable appetizers, not have a drink and eat a measly salad without the dressing for dinner. And then the night begins, peer pressure gets to you and you know the rest.

Sunday morning rolls around and so does the brunch invitation from friends you met last night. And the ball keeps rolling and there goes your healthy weekend.

You swear next weekend will be better. And the same thing happens again. Ugh.

I get it. It’s life and we all struggle with sticking to our healthy routine during the weekend.

It’s time to break that continuous cycle of healthy weeks followed by a sabotaging weekend.

Here are 5 strategies to ditch the bingeing, guilt, and extra body fat.

Problem 1: Trying to find and follow the “perfect” diet

Solution: Always aim for “good enough” 

Tip: The good enough diet you follow is better than the “perfect” one you quit.

Problem 2: Following food rules, including but not limited to:

-What I can or can’t eat

-When I can or can’t eat

-How I can or can’t eat

-How much I can or can’t eat

Solution: Throw the rules out the window and let your hunger be your guide.

Tip: Eating by the rules almost always leads to overeating junk, because once you veer away, there’s nothing left to guide you.

Problem 3: You wake up on Cheat Day morning like a kid at Christmas and go crazy all day long, eating everything you didn’t allow yourself to eat all week.

Solution: Quit the Cheat Day routine and give yourself permission to choose what you want all week long. 

Tip: For most people having one cheat day means the rest of the week is food hell. Don’t do this to yourself. In the end it simply doesn’t work and you’ll be miserable.

Problem 4: Making deals, trades and swipes related to food.

Solution: Start owning your choices and let your adult values and principles guide you when you sit down to eat.

Tip: Own your choices. You’re free to eat and drink anything you want. You choose your behavior. Choose wisely.

Problem 5: Weekends present all sort of comfortable justifications for eating a bunch of non-nutritious foods. 

Solution: Stop rationalizing and ask yourself why you’re really overeating. 

Tip: Take the opportunity to ask yourself why you’re really overeating and repeat. Keep doing this over and over and over again. You’ll start to see some patterns and that’ll give you the opportunity to change overeating behaviors and do something to address those emotions instead of bingeing.

This blog was inspired by one of my mentor’s Krista Scott-Dixon, which is an amazing writer. If you’d like to read her article, and I encourage you to, click the link below.

Scott-Dixon, K (2016). How I quit weekend overeating. Precision Nutrition.