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Just say NO to fitness factories


I’m not naming names here, but one popular approach to fitness that makes me absolutely CRAZY is what I’d refer to as a fitness factory – a gym or studio setting where dozens of people are packed in to one class with no individualization to their training.

I take issue with the fact that these people simply get signed up into a program without any discussion with a highly-qualified coach as to what their goals are, what their history is, and without a true understanding of this individual. It’s kind of like whoever can pay is in simply because they can pay.

Money and volume are the primary concern in this factory business model rather than connection and real transformation, two of our highest values here at Dynamic Fitness Solutions.

People in these fitness factories get thrown into classes as just a number. They very rarely get transformational results. Injury is prevalent. All in all, this is NOT an experience I’d ever want my clients or people I care about to have.

Here at Dynamic Fitness Solutions we are the anti-fitness factory. We value you as a human on so many levels. You will never be a number. Your results are our number one priority.

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