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For youth to professional athletes ready to improve their performance and excel on the ice, field or court. Dynamic Fitness Solutions is a revolutionary and personalized solution. Our sports performance program is customized to each player and his or her specific sport and position. Dynamic Fitness Solutions mission with young athletes is to develop a mindset of a champion and the performance level to back it up. Customized around each athlete and their specific performance needs, each athlete at Dynamic Fitness Solutions will be challenged physically and mentally in a progressive approach designed to push them to a higher level of competition.

We enhance the performance for some of the world’s elite athletes, including players in the NHL, NFL, MLB, OHL, CHL, USHL, amongst many others. Our intense, scientifically and researched proven programming maximizes an athlete’s off-season leading to maximum in-season results, while addressing areas of weakness and instability to decrease the potential for injuries during the season.

Dynamic Fitness Solutions provides a private gym that is centered around each athlete no matter if they are training 1-on-1 or in a group setting with our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. We utilize the off-season to improve performance and take the athlete’s ability to a superior level.

At Dynamic Fitness Solutions, many of our athletes utilize our small group settings made up of peers at the same level and a competitive environment. Our small groups are all instructed and each athlete’s progressions are tracked by our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. The small groups at Dynamic Fitness Solutions provides off-season programs specific to the athlete and their sport where each athlete is challenged by each other and maximize results. Dynamic Fitness Solutions uses maximum intensity, world-class strength and conditioning coaches and sports specific to guarantee elite training and experience.

Additionally, our Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning Programs is the #1 Choice for all South Florida Hockey Players, including several NHL players. Each hockey player is taken through a complete off-ice strength and conditioning program that is specific to the athlete’s position, needs and goals. The athlete is coached by the #1 Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in Florida, Rich Molin. Rich understands the game of hockey inside and out. He has experience as a professional hockey player to being an elite hockey coach. Each athlete’s progression is tracked at every session, so they continually get progressed in the proper manner which guarantees they will reach their goals by their season. The athlete will not only get stronger, but go through speed and agility drills improving how they move on the ice. Dynamic Fitness Solutions offers the complete off-ice hockey training program.

What to expect at Dynamic Fitness Solutions in Delray Beach?

  • Optimize Performance
  • Get Faster, Stronger, and More Explosive
  • Personalized Programs
  • Expert Strength and Conditioning Specialists

What some of the athletes at Dynamic Fitness Solutions are saying?

My name is Koa Misi. I play linebacker for the Miami Dolphins. About three years ago I was looking for a personal trainer to make me better. Someone who could push me to train harder and get more out of workouts. In this process I happened to get connected with Rich. Before I came into the NFL I trained at a facility called Athletes Performance in Los Angeles California.

Here they prepared me for the NFL combine and got me ready to enter the draft. I feel as though the workouts I do with Rich are just as good, if not even better than a high caliber training facility like Athletes Performance. What I am trying to get at is Rich has trained me for three years now.

Without him I would not be where I am today. He’s not only a great guy, but a great trainer. He has taught me a lot about myself in the way I train and pushes me to do the extra work when I cant do it myself. Rich has a lot of knowledge about what he does and can alter workouts to fit your needs. If you are looking for a great personal trainer and someone that can push you to see the results you want. This is your guy!

-Koa Misi
Linebacker – Miami Dolphins


Working with Rich this offseason was a great experience. Rich was very professional and enjoyable to work with. Rich provided a very light, yet dedicated training environment. His workouts were tough and greatly varied which made the whole experience effective and never routine. With Rich’s help I feel very prepared and enthusiastic about my upcoming season!

-Kevin Medina
Forward – Milwaukee School of Engineering, NCAA MCHA


Hi my name is Jake Friedman. I play hockey for Shattuck St. Mary’s in Minnesota. This past summer I was looking for a new trainer who could take my game on the ice to the next level. I eventually found Rich Molin; the way he explained how we would be doing everything gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing. We didn’t just do exercises to do them or to put a lot of weight on them; we did exercises to use correct form. With in the first week I noticed a improvement on the ice, and this wasn’t a small improvement. I felt stronger and faster after only a week with Rich. Rich has become not only my trainer but someone who I think very highly of, a very good friend. My coaches wanted me to put on some weight and get stronger. When I came back to school they were amazed of how much I improved on what they wanted me to improve on. My improvements were amazing such as 7 ½ inches on my vertical jumped gained or 22 inches on my broad jump gained and running the 300 yard shuttle 25 yards 6 times there And back from 1:06 to under a minuet. Rich is the best trainer I have come by in my life and he is the man to hire if you are looking for someone who you want to give your clients real results. Rich is the man for everything.

-Jake Friedman
Center – Shattuck St. Mary’s (U18 AAA)

As a U.S.H.L. player it is important for me to be at the top of my game. After every Season of hockey I try to look for the next best facility to get me to the next level. I was recommended by my coach to ISP.  After explaining what my goals were and the results I wanted, this is where I met Rich. Rich pushed me in everything I needed to do to make me stronger, focused, faster and how to control my balance.  He never backed down and neither did I as he knew what my capabilities were and challenged it every time. The thing that I noticed most about Rich is that he truly loves what he does and it reflects in this training.   I feel this is very important to an athlete that wants to be the best. I am 100% pleased with my improvement from the time I started working out with Rich until now, 3 months later. I have seen major results in my performance, speed, strength and agility. Thanks to Rich and his knowledge in catering to what I specifically needed. He is definitely an asset and I would continue to use him as my personal trainer and would highly recommend him.

-CJ Hayes
Right Winger – Fargo Force (United States Hockey League) / Lake Superior State University (NCAA)

I am a 16 year old ice hockey player and I went to Rich to begin a strength conditioning format to prepare for the USHL Combine and for my next season as a Midget Major AAA player. I have seen significant improvements in the way I look and the muscular strength I have and this was only in the space of 6 weeks! I never thought I would be able to see and feel the significant changes I did in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their appearance and strength in a short space of time. He is very professional and will do everything he can to make you achieve your goals. Rich worked me above my expectations, and I will continue to use his off-ice training format that he has developed and trained me in. I am forever grateful he has taken me under his wing, and establish knowledge of my body and the daily right nutrition I need to have to build my strength and agility!

-Anthony Mangano – Chicago Young Americans (Midget Major AAA) / Springfield Jr. Blues (NAHL)

2015 FL Jr Panthers

2015 FL Jr Panthers

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CJ Hayes with the LSSU Lakers NCAA

CJ Hayes with the LSSU Lakers NCAA

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To book a complimentary, no obligation consultation to meet us and learn more about our sports performance programs,
call us at 561-880-5799.