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Recovery vs Activity


There’s no denying that the world of 2018 is one of chronic stress and pressure to achieve. 

Sometimes it can be challenging to get it all done – family, friends, exercise, daily movement, work, managing a home – whew! That’s a lot of demand.

So, I want to invite you to get in better touch with yourself today. We all know when we make excuses and talk ourselves out of getting in a workout or preparing a healthy meal.

But sometimes it’s deeper and more intense than that. Your body is screaming at you, begging for you to care for it.

When you hear that voice and feel that exhaustion, I want you to know it’s OKAY to listen.

Here are some of the BEST self-care and recovery activities I suggest for you:

  • Writing, reading, or something creative
  • Getting in a spa or sauna
  • Walking
  • Listening to or playing music
  • Getting physical affection from a loved one
  • Spend time with your pets
  • Take a nap

Listen closely to yourself. Are you just not in the mood to be active or do you genuinely need recovery time?

Be 100% honest with yourself, make the right choice, and do it all guilt-free.

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