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Just a few Success Stories FROM our valued MEMBERS.

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TestimonialMy name is Koa Misi. I play linebacker for the Miami Dolphins. About three years ago I was looking for a personal trainer to make me better. Someone who could push me to train harder and get more out of workouts. In this process I happened to get connected with Rich. Before I came into the NFL I trained at a facility called Athletes Performance in Los Angeles California.

Here they prepared me for the NFL combine and got me ready to enter the draft. I feel as though the workouts I do with Rich are just as good, if not even better than a high caliber training facility like Athletes Performance. What I am trying to get at is Rich has trained me for three years now.

Without him I would not be where I am today. He’s not only a great guy but a great trainer. He has taught me a lot about myself in the way I train and pushes me to do the extra work when I cant do it myself. Rich has a lot of knowledge about what he does and can alter workouts to fit your needs. If you are looking for a great personal trainer and someone that can push you to see the results you want. This is your guy!

After going through multiple surgeries and radiation I was very weak and my muscles had completely deteriorated. A friend of mine, who went through the same thing, referred me to Dynamic Fitness Solutions because that’s what helped her regain strength and muscle.

Since joining Dynamic Fitness Solutions I am much stronger! The thing I like best are my RESULTS and my personal trainer, Mike, is great!!!

If you’re on the fence DO IT! You won’t regret it!

-Linda Hall

I started with a personal trainer in Toronto and wanted to continue when I was at my Delray Beach home. A friend referred me to Dynamic Fitness Solutions and I haven’t looked back. Since joining Dynamic Fitness Solutions I have noticed a difference in my upper body strength.  I have a longer golf drive, which has all my friends jealous.  Having knee problems for years I’ve always had to wear a knee brace for sports.  Since working with my personal trainer, Mike Petrarca, I no longer need my knee brace even when playing sports.

I have received amazing results at Dynamic Fitness Solutions! The personal trainers are innovative, use a variety of equipment, and listen to me. I’m having an enjoyable experience!

I highly recommend Dynamic Fitness Solutions! I tell everyone I know that if they want results and a great gym this is the place to join.

-Joyce Jacobs

I started at Dynamic Fitness Solutions to feel healthy and happy.  I need the energy to keep me going all day! Since training at Dynamic Fitness Solutions I’ve gotten stronger. I love coming to the gym because my trainer is terrific and my body is changing. JUST DO IT! You’ll feel better! You’ll feel younger!

– Tracey Kerness

Thanks to Dynamic Fitness Solutions and their trainers, I found my triceps again! Also, the exercises that I could not last 1 minute, I can endure! Having a personal trainer keeps me accountable and makes the “torture” more fun. J The environment is so friendly and nurturing.

-Renee Richar

I really have found benefit in getting treatment here as soon as I have any ache or pain. I seriously feel great even after one visit. I constantly tell my husband that he needs to come in and see you (Mike) and that he would see relief from his hip pain.

-Tracey Kerness

Nicole is extremely knowledgeable and motivating without being intimidating. They energy level in the Shred 60 class is always AWESOME!! Just do it…sign up…action always beats intention and Nicole will help you take massive action!

-Sammye Carroll

After 6 months of not making progress after the birth of my baby, I needed something to motivate me. A friend signed up and I saw it as my inspiration! Now, I eat a little slower and healthier. I also stand a little taller. I feel great! I encourage you to close your eyes and jump in. If you think too hard you might talk yourself out of it and miss out!

-Stacey Fugere

We had a really wonderful workout this am. Nicole was great at pushing us and giving us tough exercises, but at the same time I didn’t feel like I was being pushed too far (especially for my first workout in a LONG time!) I have a knee injury and both of my knees are pretty weak, and I never felt any pain, or like the knees were being overexerted. She got me to run several times in one workout session (which I can never make myself do!) I really enjoyed this workout and I will be back (yes, at 6am again) later this week”
-Elea Kabaluk

This class was awesome! Great trainer, great workout class that kept me motivated as well! Even though I got a great workout and sweated like I never have before it didn’t even feel like an intense workout! I have signed up for another class next week and I look forward to reaching my fitness goals with Dynamic Fitness solutions!”
-Rosalynn Glover

I am a 16 year old ice hockey player and I went to Rich to begin a strength conditioning format to prepare for the USHL Combine and for my next season as a Midget Major AAA player. I have seen significant improvements in the way I look and the muscular strength I have and this was only in the space of 6 weeks! I never thought I would be able to see and feel the significant changes I did in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their appearance and strength in a short space of time. He is very professional and will do everything he can to make you achieve your goals. Rich worked me above my expectations, and I will continue to use his off-ice training format that he has developed and trained me in. I am forever grateful he has taken me under his wing, and establish knowledge of my body and the daily right nutrition I need to have to build my strength and agility!”

-Anthony Mangano – Chicago Young Americans (Midget Major AAA) / Springfield Jr. Blues (NAHL)

cjAs a U.S.H.L. player it is important for me to be at the top of my game. After every Season of hockey I try to look for the next best facility to get me to the next level. I was recommended by my coach to ISP. After explaining what my goals were and the results I wanted, this is where I met Rich. Rich pushed me in everything I needed to do to make me stronger, focused, faster and how to control my balance. He never backed down and neither did I as he knew what my capabilities were and challenged it every time. The thing that I noticed most about Rich is that he truly loves what he does and it reflects in this training. I feel this is very important to an athlete that wants to be the best. I am 100% pleased with my improvement from the time I started working out with Rich until now, 3 months later. I have seen major results in my performance, speed, strength and agility. Thanks to Rich and his knowledge in catering to what I specifically needed. He is definitely an asset and I would continue to use him as my personal trainer and would highly recommend him.”

-CJ Hayes
Right Winger – Fargo Force (United States Hockey League) / Lake Superior State University (NCAA)

JAKEFHi my name is Jake Friedman. I play hockey for Shattuck St. Mary’s in Minnesota. This past summer I was looking for a new trainer who could take my game on the ice to the next level. I eventually found Rich Molin; the way he explained how we would be doing everything gave me confidence that he knew what he was doing. We didn’t just do exercises to do them or to put a lot of weight on them; we did exercises to use correct form. With in the first week I noticed a improvement on the ice, and this wasn’t a small improvement. I felt stronger and faster after only a week with Rich. Rich has become not only my trainer but someone who I think very highly of, a very good friend. My coaches wanted me to put on some weight and get stronger. When I came back to school they were amazed of how much I improved on what they wanted me to improve on. My improvements were amazing such as 7 ½ inches on my vertical jumped gained or 22 inches on my broad jump gained and running the 300 yard shuttle 25 yards 6 times there And back from 1:06 to under a minuet. Rich is the best trainer I have come by in my life and he is the man to hire if you are looking for someone who you want to give your clients real results. Rich is the man for everything.”

-Jake Friedman
Center – Shattuck St. Mary’s (U18 AAA)

My name is Jamie Goldman. I play defense for the Florida JR Panthers. This past summer I did workout training sessions at Impact Sports Performance with coach rich molin. I wanted to have a great season and get stronger. Workouts at Impact made me a stronger kid. In the few sessions I did with coach Rich I became a stronger faster player on the ice. Along with a little bit of soreness I felt really great when I left the gym. His workouts were well worth the 45 minute drive. Coach Rich taught my teammates and I that if we want to better yourself you have to work for it. If you are looking to get stronger, faster, or just to get in shape Rich Molin is the guy to see.

-Jamie Goldman

My son Ethan is a youth travel hockey player for the Florida Jr. Panthers, who trained with Rich Molin during the summer months to prepare for his upcoming season. The training sessions were always outstanding, as they built up core strength and endurance, and most importantly, the workouts were routinely changing so they were kept both fresh and fun. My son always wanted to go back for more. When the new season started, my son hit the ice stronger, in excellent shape, and ready from the very beginning for his team’s multiple practices per week. Thanks for the training, Rich, and we look forward to more training in the future.
-Mark Bohm

Hello my name is Michael Zymros and I play offense for the Jr Panthers travel hockey team. Over the summer my coach for the Jr Panthers organization, Coach Rich Molin had me and other members of the team training at Impact Sports training facility. We worked on gaining speed, core strength, and leg strength. I had a great time with the team there, but most important is that I got the training that I needed for the season. Coach Rich Molin got me in shape for the big hitting Bantam A games. Without Coach Rich, I think half of the kids on the team would be either bummed that we lost or sent to the hospital because we were not physically in shape. I want to thank Coach Rich for letting me and the members of our team to train at Impact Sports and feel this training has made me more of an impact on the ice, no pun intended. Without Coach Rich I would never be such a good hitter because he strengthened my legs so when I went to hit the opponents I would explode with my legs into their shoulder or chest. Coach Rich had also made me a good skater. This is very affective on the ice because it is not how big or small you are, its how fast you can burn past the other teams defense. Coach Rich has also helped me out with my core, whenever it get checked I use my core muscles so that when we collide he bounces off me instead of me crashing in the boards and getting seriously injured. I want to give a big thanks to the staff of Impact Sports and Coach Rich for letting me train where the real pros do.
-by Michael Zymros

My name is Jason, and my son Cam plays on the Florida Junior Panthers hockey team. Cam trained with Rich Molin last summer at Impact Sports Performance (a top rate facility) to prepare Cam for the upcoming hockey season. Cam said to my wife and I continuously throughout the summer: “Coach Rich has really increased my strength and endurance which has made me a faster skater.”
Rich pushed Cam throughout the summer (while making it fun) and it has paid off! Cam is one of his team’s leaders in points and assists and most importantly he is contributing to his teams success. Rich is up to date on the latest advancements (traveling all of over the U.S. for seminars).  If you  are looking for a trainer who is dedicated to making your child a better athlete (and a better person by the life skills Rich teaches such as responsibility, diet, etc.) then Rich is the perfect trainer.

My name is Christine Sampson and I am the proud mom of 13 year old Jr. Panthers goaltender, Sean Williams.  Sean started working out with his team, doing off-ice training with Rich Molin, at the beginning of the summer, in preparation for the 2014 hockey season.  What impressed me the most about Rich was his respect for the boys he was training, no matter what their fitness level was when they started.  He taught them the exercises and made sure they were doing them correctly- if not, he stopped and corrected them, to make sure they got maximum benefit from each exercise.  He set high expectations for the boys he was training and did not accept anything less.  What also impressed me was his knowledge of the training needs specific to hockey players and goalies.  He differentiated their training based on the demands of their specific positions.  It is difficult to find a sports trainer in south Florida with this kind of background, and it is reassuring to know that he has the knowledge and training to develop our children to their full potential while keeping them safe.

I would highly recommend Rich Molin as a personal trainer and will continue to take my son to him for his physical development and strength training.

My son, Ted, is a first year Jr. Panthers Bantam travel hockey player.  Luckily, during the summer he and his teammates had the opportunity to train at Impact Sports Performance with Rich Molin.  Ted loved it!  What makes Rich’s program special is how he consistently incorporates adequate focus on both cardiovascular and weight-bearing exercises and uses core workouts to stabilize endurance and balance.  He also knows how to properly motivate the boys.  Having working out with the teammates really does push you to your limits as opposed to training yourself in a gym environment.  It keeps everyone working hard and at the same time makes it a fun team bonding experience.  All of it is very important in the game of hockey.

In addition, the huge bonus is that Rich Molin is also a hockey coach.   He is very organized and comes consistently prepared whether for dry land training sessions or ice practices. He has an excellent mastery of ice hockey skills and the game, and he communicates it clearly.  Coach Rich’s practices incorporate new and old drills, so the boys are always engaged, and he has the demeanor that makes the kids really want to train hard and learn.   He demands respect for the game and at the same time treats and respects each and every boy as his own person.  The kids feel that he is genuinely interested in their individual progress and want to do well to the best of their abilities and beyond.  My son has to be bedridden before he even thinks about missing a practice with Coach Rich, and he cannot wait until next summer to start intense dry land training again.

I have been around sports almost all my life and am fairly familiar with the basic training technics and sports conditioning.  (Too bad it is impossible to train your own kid -J)  I would recommend Rich Molin for everyone who is serious about improving their physical condition and truly ready to take their game to the next level.  There are no quick and instant results.   It is a process, not a destination.  Even though my son has long way to go, and his body is still growing and developing, I can see the newly found confidence in his game already.

If you are willing to train hard, listen well, follow through with instructions, and have a specific and realistic goals, Rich Molin has all the tools (physical and mental) in his arsenal to help you achieving  these goals.  Having this experience, I have no doubts in that!

Elena Wildermuth

Feel free to contact me personally with any questions you might have.

Dynamic Fitness Solutions is the real deal, Their fitness program is the real deal and nutrition coaching superb. Highly, highly recommend them.

Hristo Hristov —

Nicole and her team are dedicated to you and your success! If you want to be motivated, inspired, and achieve your goals once and for all, look no further!

Nicole Spencer —

It’s time to get back into shape and I like the small groups and personal attention especially when someone like me has a lot of medical or body issues. Nicole is working with all of us in the group specific to our needs which is very important in keeping with the program. Can’t wait to see the results!

Stacy Friedman Cerreta —

Nicole is awesome! If you just want a place to workout go somewhere else!! Nicole provides individual personal training even in the small group sessions. She’s quick to customize exercises to account for any physical limitations. She also helps with healthy eating and general healthy habits.

Adriana Sanson Mederos —

Great place to train! Friendly fun and wow you make me feel great!

Emma Oxygen-Fit Godly —

Nicole is one of the best trainer I had. Even thought I like about 2.5 hours away, she still train you via FaceTime or Skype

Christopher R Chi —

Very laid back, genuine people working and working out at Dynamic Fitness! Plus they take my whining in stride with a smile as they push me to get stronger and more fit.

Reneé Ferris Richar —

Fantastic Place! The entire team at Dynamic Fitness Solutions are professional and get the results you desire.

Lesley Trainer —

Fantastic knowledge and experience! Dynamic Fitness Solutions is the place to be for results!

Tom Leith —

I love Dynamic Fitness Solutions! The training is exceptional and the results I’ve gotten are unbelievable! I’ve trained with other trainers in the past but Nicole and her team are by far the best

Daniel Marshall —

If you are looking to accomplish some health and fitness goals, this is the place to go! I don’t know anywhere with as much experience as Dynamic Fitness at getting clients to their goals and helping them actually maintain it!

James West —

Dynamic Fitness is so friendly and welcoming. I was afraid to join a gym and this place is perfect for me. Thanks!

Amber Antonia Budahn —

Amazing place, excellent trainers, fantastic results, I highly recommend this place !!
Health & Happiness,

Jessica Cooke —

“Love this place and the results I’ve been able to achieve. I haven’t felt this great in years! 40 is the new 30, right? It is for this chick. Thanks for helping me reach my goals!”

–Heather Peck

“Nicole is a fantastic, caring and knowledgeable training professional. She practices what she preaches as she’s on excellent physical condition.”

-Steve Olderman

“Nicole is an excellent Trainer. She’s knowledgeable and personable. Her support drives her clients to succeed without feeling overwhelmed or pushed too hard.”

~ Ron Betta

JacquesCole “I believe in commitment, and my Trainer Nicole reciprocates that belief. I was 240 lbs and lost my weight 100% with hard work, will power, and doing exactly what Nicole prescribed, nutritionally and Physically. I’m now 175 lbs and preparing for my first half Marathon. Commit Yourself! Do it!”
–Jacques Cole, 40, Landscaper

Working with Rich this offseason was a great experience. Rich was very professional and enjoyable to work with. Rich provided a very light, yet dedicated training environment. His workouts were tough and greatly varied which made the whole experience effective and never routine. With Rich’s help I feel very prepared and enthusiastic about my upcoming season!

-Kevin Medina
Forward – Milwaukee School of Engineering, NCAA MCHA

Hey Rich,

I just want to thank you for everything you have done for this summer. In try-outs alone I have noticed and so have teammates from last year that i become a lot faster and overall a lot stronger. I play in my first game next friday and can’t wait to see what i can do to when i play against people that don’t know what i can do to them.

thank you,

Michael Karay

Deciding to work with Rich Molin was one of the best life choices I have ever made.  Prior to training with Rich of BB3 training in Weston, I was unsuccessful at maintaining any sort of regular exercise program.  My previous attempts at a healthier lifestyle often failed after a few weeks and then I would be back into the same unhealthy routine.

What I enjoy most about training with Rich is that the workouts are never repetitive or boring.  He consistently mixes up the exercises and trains me just like he would one of his professional athletes. Since training with Rich, I have seen a marked improvement in both my physical appearance and aerobic capacity. I am finally seeing the results I had only previously dreamed about achieving.

Rich is a dedicated and knowledgeable trainer who makes getting stronger and healthier a fun and rewarding journey.

Jennifer Sumin

“Nicole is a wonderful trainer who is very dedicated to making others life a healthy one. She leads by example. She would never have me do something she has not done herself. Her clients health are her first priority and she is always consistent and timely. She had demonstrated her current knowledge many times and is a wonderful trainer who only wants what’s best for me!”

–Ashley Barclay, 29, Student

Dear Rich

As you may remember, the first day I walked in your office and we discussed my fitness goals I was literally in tears, having allowing the pressures of work, marriage and motherhood to rob me of one of the joys of my life–exercise. It has been about six weeks since that day and I have not looked or felt better since competing in track and field in college. Outside of the amazing results we have achieved, I look forward to our sessions because they are fun, exciting, always varied, challenging and push me beyond where I could alone. Your knowledge and passion for what you do is evident, you are always punctual and prepared–characteristics which I value highly and rarely see today. I am not only achieving my fitness goals, but have also learned how to exercise more effectively and eat a healthy balanced diet–I believe this are the keys to maintaining what we are achieving. Thank you!
Best Regards,
Kahlilah L. Guyah

Principal EHS Consultant

EHS Compliance Services Inc.

“I have been working with Nicole for over a year. During this time I have increased in strength, balance and overall conditioning. Nicole approaches all her sessions in a very scientific manner and tailors her workouts. I have not only been able to tone my body with Nicole’s help but have also dropped a dress size as well as inches. She is very professional, and understanding of my needs and limitations. Yes she pushes me to the limit and I greatly appreciate this.”

–Ranjita Sharma, 49, Mother

Dear Rich,

WOW! I have NEVER been in this good of shape since high school. At 52 years of age and

supposedly in that “middle age trap” I realized that I needed to get into better shape to truly enjoy my life. I decided to sign up with the good peeps at BB3 and as good Karma would deliver, Rich Molin became my trainer. I couldn’t have asked for a more dedicated and motivated professional trainer. His knowledge of kinesiology and the application of how the human body truly adapts and adjusts to physical training is nothing short of PhD status. In one short month I went from being an out of shape un-motivated blob to an in much better shape (both aerobically and morphologically) motivated human being. The magic I guess for lack of a better word is that Rich makes each workout session different and (this is the key point), enjoyable. I know! I’m sweating and working my butt off every session but each day I’m seeing true measurable results. They say that anything worth while takes effort and desire in order to achieve it. This is no different. How you arrive at your goal is the most important part. By working with Rich I’ve learned the proper way to work out, the proper exercise form, and the proper sequence of exercises to get results. Take my word for it, he knows his stuff!

Thank you Rich and the rest of the staff at BB3 for a facility that promotes positive and lasting results!

Very truly yours,

Scott Pacheco

“I am a retired physician who has been working very successfully with Nicole 3 times a week. She is very professional and extremely knowledgeable in her field. She is an outstanding trainer. Here are her attributes : 1 She is always on time. 2 She keeps accurate records of my program. 3 She increases my exercises gradually without incurring stress to my body. 4 On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, she is a 10!”

–Dr. Kaufman, 85, Retired Physician


I wanted to write this note to say how thrilled I am with the results of my training. I have been involved in physical fitness most of my adult life and I can honestly say this is the first time ever at 47 years old that I am achieving all my fitness goals. I feel great, my conditioning and strength are as good as they have ever been and my wife loves the way I look. In fact, she has told me that I look better than I ever did training on my own or with any other trainer in the past. I have achieved excellent body symmetry, greater balance and flexibility and have really learned so much from you.

My training sessions are challenging, always different and fun and that along with great results is a great motivator to continue to work hard. I think one of the parts of the training that I really enjoy and appreciate the most is that you are an athlete and I am being trained as an athlete. You facility is top notch and it is really nice to train there because everyone is focused on fitness like me. Thank you for your dedication in helping me reach my goals.


Dr. Michael Ramer

“Nicole is a wonderful trainer. I had to suffer through 3 trainers who were not so knowledgeable. Nicole works you hard but has the knowledge and experience not to hurt you. She continually strives to improve herself which gives you inspiration to improve yourself.”

–Michael McGoey, 57, Accountant

Two months into my training at BB3 I felt compelled to reach out to you and recognize your facility and trainers which are both World Class. When I was first exposed to your product and trainers at the Weston Town Center Fitness day I must admit that I was somewhat skeptical at the thought of a new Gym and fitness program but I was intrigued by the passion and energy of your staff and made the best fitness decision of my life the next day.

Your decision to have me work with Rich Molin has been a home run as he consistently challenges me with his innovative and high energy program and motivates me to achieve our collective Goals.. His background as a professional athlete gives him the ability to align the physical and mental aspects of training and make each session “unique”. With that said, I had my second testing yesterday and I am thrilled with my results which reflect that I have lost 10.1 lbs of body fat, lost 4 inches around my waist and gained 6 lbs of lean muscle, ALL IN ONLY 60 DAYS working with Rich !.

At 47 I am in the best shape of my life and feel great !. I Thank you for your encouragement and vision in assigning Rich to me and ask you recognize him for his dedication and support in helping me reach my fitness goals.

Best regards,

Donald N. Francey

“I have always been in good shape and motivated to work out until I had my son. It was hard finding time to work, care for him, sleep, and work out. Nicole has helped me so much. She has taken the baby fat and found muscle again. Working out with her is fun and she is constantly pushing me and taking me to the next level. I could not have done it without her. Thank you Nicole.”

–Dr. Graber, 36, OBGYN


I felt compelled to let you know how happy I am to have you as my personal trainer. I have been physically active all of my life including 5 years as an NFL cheerleader. I have never felt stronger and healthier largely due to your perfect combination of diverse training methods, individualized exercise programs and challenging yet achievable goal setting. Yes… I love those oh so easy planks, NOT! My balance and flexibility have returned and I have muscles that “pop” just where I want them. Your extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to our workouts provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!

Rich, you are brimming with the brains to help anyone achieve the brawn. You are the real deal in an industry full of wanna-bees and you are the standard by which any trainer should be measured.

Thank you Rich, you are the BEST!