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Personal Training in DELRAY Beach

Personal Training in DELRAY Beach

Dynamic Fitness Solutions

3205 South Federal Hwy, Suite 8

Delray Beach, FL 33483

Nicole Molin, owner of Dynamic Fitness Solutions, began her career in the fitness industry in 2002 after graduating from The University of Tampa with an Exercise Science degree. Nicole chose to study Exercise Science because as a competitive swimmer and diver she experienced first-hand the importance of strength and conditioning training. Nicole knew that strength and conditioning helps athletes excel and stay injury free. She also recognized that it was just as important for adults especially if they wanted to be able to continue doing the activities they love to do.

Post-graduation, Nicole continued her education by pursuing two master’s degrees and several advanced certifications, including the CSCS. She worked at Florida Hospital and then moved on to her dream personal trainer position at RDV Sportsplex, home of the Orlando Magic, in Orlando, Florida.

This is where Nicole would soon meet Rich Molin, her now husband. Rich Molin worked in corporate America for 20 years and wanted to do something more with his life by finding a career that he was passionate about.

Rich, originally from Sweden, spent all his youth playing sports including soccer and ice hockey. He excelled in both sports, and made it to the professional level in hockey.

Thereafter, Rich suffered a career ending back injury.  Rich’s back injury to the L4 and L5 vertebrae had him undergo back surgery at a young age. Making it all the way to the pros then losing all athletic ability after back surgery was frustrating and depressing. It took physical therapy and a lot of hard work to get back to his self-back.  Although he would never be able to return to the ice at the highly competitive level, he chose to shift his passion for hockey to coaching.

So, when Rich was looking for a career that he was passionate about he looked at his past and how strength training affected him as a competitive athlete, through a back injury, and then on to maintain a healthy and active adulthood.  It made perfect sense for Rich to study personal training and become a Certified Personal Trainer and then a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Nicole and Rich had a love for the beach, so they ended up moving to Delray Beach, Florida. In their spare time, they love to go for runs, bike rides, swim, and relax at the beach. Living in Delray Beach allows them to enjoy nature in a beautiful place.

After moving to Delray Beach, Nicole started Dynamic Fitness Solutions which at the time was an in-home training business. She quickly grew and was unable to handle any new clients since she was busy driving all over South Florida to client’s homes. This is when she moved Dynamic Fitness Solutions into a private training studio in Boynton Beach.

At the time, Rich was working as a Sports Performance Specialist at another facility with youth to professional athletes in a wide variety of sports. This is where he stated working with Craig Anderson, top NHL goalie for the Ottawa Senators and Koa Misi, starting linebacker for the Miami Dolphins.

Nicole and Rich decided it was time to put their heads together and join forces at Dynamic Fitness Solutions, so they could continue to grow the business. Together they opened the new facility in East Delray Beach. They have combined Nicole’s passion for working with active general population clients who play tennis, golf, run, and other sporting activities to stay active and healthy; and Rich’s passion for working with competitive athletes of all ages. This has been an exciting transition and a niche that South Florida is lacking.

Together Nicole and Rich are excited to see what the future brings to Dynamic Fitness Solutions. They continue to reach out to new athletes, young and old, to help them reach their potential and be the best they can be in sport and in life. We are the solution for Delray Beach Personal Training and South Florida Sports Performance.

To book a complimentary, no obligation consultation to meet us and learn more about our programs, call us at 561-880-5799.

Mission Statement

To enhance the performance of athletes over a lifetime in a world-class training environment built upon the foundations of elite strength and conditioning principles in a supportive environment.


  1. Exceed expectations
  2. Embrace and drive change
  3. Strive for constant improvement and passion
  4. Deliver exceptional results
  5. Act with integrity
  6. Stay connected and understand your why
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We had a really wonderful workout this am. Nicole was great at pushing us and giving us tough exercises, but at the same time I didn’t feel like I was being pushed too far (especially for my first workout in a LONG time!) I have a knee injury and both of my knees are pretty weak, and I never felt any pain, or like the knees were being overexerted. She got me to run several times in one workout session (which I can never make myself do!) I really enjoyed this workout and I will be back (yes, at 6am again) later this week”
-Elea Kabaluk

I am a 16 year old ice hockey player and I went to Rich to begin a strength conditioning format to prepare for the USHL Combine and for my next season as a Midget Major AAA player. I have seen significant improvements in the way I look and the muscular strength I have and this was only in the space of 6 weeks! I never thought I would be able to see and feel the significant changes I did in such a short space of time. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their appearance and strength in a short space of time. He is very professional and will do everything he can to make you achieve your goals. Rich worked me above my expectations, and I will continue to use his off-ice training format that he has developed and trained me in. I am forever grateful he has taken me under his wing, and establish knowledge of my body and the daily right nutrition I need to have to build my strength and agility!”

-Anthony Mangano – Chicago Young Americans (Midget Major AAA) / Springfield Jr. Blues (NAHL)

cjAs a U.S.H.L. player it is important for me to be at the top of my game. After every Season of hockey I try to look for the next best facility to get me to the next level. I was recommended by my coach to ISP. After explaining what my goals were and the results I wanted, this is where I met Rich. Rich pushed me in everything I needed to do to make me stronger, focused, faster and how to control my balance. He never backed down and neither did I as he knew what my capabilities were and challenged it every time. The thing that I noticed most about Rich is that he truly loves what he does and it reflects in this training. I feel this is very important to an athlete that wants to be the best. I am 100% pleased with my improvement from the time I started working out with Rich until now, 3 months later. I have seen major results in my performance, speed, strength and agility. Thanks to Rich and his knowledge in catering to what I specifically needed. He is definitely an asset and I would continue to use him as my personal trainer and would highly recommend him.”

-CJ Hayes
Right Winger – Fargo Force (United States Hockey League) / Lake Superior State University (NCAA)