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What are you willing to struggle for?


“They” say nothing good in life comes without effort, and I absolutely believe this to be true. Whether you want a successful business, a happy marriage, good kids, or a lean and healthy body,  you’ve got to put in the work! There’s just no way around it.

Sometimes it will feel like getting fit is a struggle. It’s hours that you “don’t have,” it’s money you’d rather spend elsewhere, or maybe it’s even pressure from your family to be home or judgement/commentary friends present regarding your dedication to health.

But at the end of the day, you choose health, fitness, and living in your body with confidence.

Maybe this has always been a priority for you or maybe you’re just entering the commitment. Know for every fit person, there is a struggle – a struggle to make good food choices, to workout when they don’t want to, to say “yes!” to discomfort. And chronically fit people are willing to struggle for that outcome of graceful health.

Are you willing to step into owning and embracing this struggle in the name of something greater for your life?

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