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Wednesday July 18, 2018

You may recall the other day I conducted a short survey and the answers confirmed what I often see working with new clients at the gym. 

The biggest problem the people I talk to have with reaching their health and fitness goals is being CONSISTENT.

Most don’t have a problem with finding a program – shoot there are 100’s to choose from. However, nearly everyone has a problem with being consistent.

Interesting enough almost all those people said their limiting beliefs is the culprit.

As a fitness professional, I am going to make it my mission to put these thoughts that are stopping you from reaching your goals behind you. Limiting beliefs may be affecting your consistency with your workouts and nutrition program, but it could be affecting other areas of your life?

Believing in yourself and putting the fear of failure behind you could lead to a work promotion, better relationships, new opportunities, a body your confident about, and so much more.

What belief or thought do you have that is stopping you from reaching your goals?

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