Sep 21, 2016


A 100% of athletes and parents of athletes always asks the strength & conditioning coach to make my son or daughter bigger, stronger and faster.

In order to become bigger, stronger and faster you have to first have certain exercise fundamentals down.

  1. You have to be stable. All joints and the stability muscles around the joints have to be strong. (Stability phase)
  2. You have to be strong. In order to control a powerful movement, you have to be strong. (Strength phase)
  3. To develop power, you have to perform power exercises. (Power phase)

Let’s go back to the initial subject, SPAQ (Speed, Power, Agility, Quickness) training and things to consider in each training session.

  1. There should be a vertical displacement element. Especially for basketball and volleyball players. Also, there is a direct correlation between generating vertical power and horizontal power.
  2. There should be a horizontal displacement element. In most field, court, ice sports, the greatest need is to generate horizontal explosiveness.
  3. There should be a lateral (side to side) element. NO sport (other than a few track & field events) are linear.

The volume or “ground touches” is also very important to consider.

  1. Beginner (no experience) – 80-100 contacts / session
  2. Intermediate (some experience) – 100-120 contacts / session
  3. Advanced (considerable experience) – 120-140 contacts / session

I hope these considerations will help you in designing SPAQ programs for your athletes.