Mar 28, 2017


I’m not one to brag but this must come out in the open. What makes Dynamic Fitness Solutions unique? What sets us apart from all other “Sports Performance gyms”?

Well, here are only a few things you as an elite athlete should think about before you choose where you spend your off-season:

  • Our staff is the only one in South Florida who is CSCS certified and PES certified (Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist by National Strength & Conditioning Association & Performance Enhancement Specialist by National Academy of Sports Medicine) a B.S is required to attain both.
  • Our staff is the only one in South Florida who actually played hockey for 20 years at a high level and coached hockey for 20 years. We have 40 years combined experience in the game of hockey. Somebody who has never played hockey doesn’t understand what a hockey player needs, including which muscles to train and how, the movements needed to train and how, and what energy systems to train and how.
  • Our programs and methods are scientifically proven to produce results regardless of which level you’re playing in.
  • We cap our groups to 6 athletes to ensure proper attention is adhered to even when you’re not training one-on-one.
  • This season we have added to our staff a Licensed Athletic Trainer (ATC) for Sports rehab and Sports medicine.

The proof is in the pudding folks. If you are a serious hockey player who wants to make to the top level, Dynamic-Fitness-Solutions is your home in the off-season. To register click here >>>