Jul 17, 2017


We have all seen the guys and gals coming out of “Hot Yoga” dripping wet of sweat and we’ve all seen the big dudes on the stair stepper with their hoodies over their heads.  Makes you want to ask them “Hey, when is the weigh-in?” All they’re losing is water weight, which they gain back when they drink water to re-hydrate. Combat sports such as boxing, wrestling and MMA where they have weight classes, are using sweating to cut weight but it’s only temporary.

Sweating does not mean that you’re burning calories. Sweating is the body’s mechanism to keep the body cool. As a matter of fact, it “costs” the body more calories to keep it warm that keeping it cool.

I ride my bicycle to and from work every day for 8.5 miles each way. South Florida doesn’t have any hills, so the only resistance variables are my speed and wind resistance or assistance depending on direction of the wind.

There are days when there is little or no wind and I can pedal fast, causing me to sweat a lot. My body needs to cool.

There are days when the wind is in my face, I can’t pedal hard and the wind is cooling me off causing me not to sweat very much.

In conclusion, I seem to sweat more when it’s “easier” and less when it’s “harder” but I’m sure I’m burning more calories when it’s “harder” than when it’s “easier”.

Again, sweating doesn’t mean calories burnt, it merely means your body is trying to stay cool.

Myth busted!

~Rich Molin

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