Invest Wisely

Nov 20, 2018

 by Nicole Molin

As you know, your time on this planet is limited.  Every single day is made up of a series of habits, behaviors, and choices that will help make your life absolutely spectacular, or they will make your life sub-par.

These aren’t big exciting events I’m talking about.  They are the tiny choices we make each and every day.

Eat vegetables and drink water, and over time, you become healthier and leaner. Choose not to exercise, move toward pain and disease.

It’s really that simple.

EVERY SINGLE behavior and choice you make will make you more successful or less successful in whatever category of life it falls under.  

There is no in between.

That’s why it’s important to invest in yourself every single day. You must make the time.  Drop the activities in your life (tv, video games, social media, etc.) that don’t serve you in favor of the ones that do.

If you get an intense 15-minute workout in right when you hop out of bed, that’s a thousand times better than doing nothing at all.  Tell me you don’t have 15 minutes!

Read a personal development book…learn something…make yourself a better you.

Life won’t wait for you to get around to it.  It’s passing you by day by day, minute by minute.  If you’re not choosing to live your best life, why not?  It is a choice!

Choose vibrancy!

Choose vitality!