Jul 24, 2017


As they say, “opinions are like belly buttons, everybody has one!” Here’s another opinion.

I’m not a big fan of the bicep curl or the strengthening of the bicep in any form, but before you go ballistic on me, please hear me out.

Sports performance training isn’t when you run around doing ladder drills with a tennis racket in your hand or doing lunges with a hockey stick in your hands.  Using a piece of equipment used in a specific sport doesn’t make it “sports specific”.

In my humble opinion, anything that makes you better in your sport or enhances your performance is Sports Performance Training. A squat helps you generate force so you can jump higher and run faster, which means it’s sports performance training.

So, let’s go back to the bicep curl. Most, if not all, my athletes love to bicep curl so they look good on the beach, but as the title of this blog says. “I’ve never seen a bicep score a goal” but let’s break this down a little.

The bicep muscle flexes the elbow joint, which we use when we hang clean to build explosiveness or assists the latissimus dorsi when we do a pull-up strengthen the lats to create downforce in the arm action when running, skating or jumping.

We typically finish our work outs in the stability phase and muscle development phase with bicep curl in some fashion both for vanity and for reasons stated above. Once we hit the power phase, we no longer do any curls mostly because there are already so much torque on the biceps. No need to make it worse.

So, in essence, the bicep curl IS a Sports Performance exercise in a roundabout way as long as it’s used in the right sequence at the right time in your programming.

~Rich Molin

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