You Don’t Want What I Sell

Jan 24, 2019

 by Nicole Molin

Look, I get it. Physical training and good nutrition aren’t like going and getting a massage or buying a fun new toy.

They require effort, scheduling, time, sweat, and sometimes a little bit of the good pain. J

Truthfully, a lot of the time I’d rather skip my workouts and healthy dinner in favor of pizza on the couch.

So, I totally understand that investing in your fitness and health aren’t the most exciting things.

But there are two truths behind this that I want to share with you.

1. You have to invest in your health. You know this. Bluntly, if you don’t you’ll deal with lower confidence, increased body fat, muscle atrophy, disease, and possibly early death. Ouch – I know.

2. It can actually be enjoyable. It’s really about finding a routine and program that you enjoy and a community that you want to be part of. That’s one of the reasons people here at Dynamic Fitness Solutions end up falling in love with fitness.

Spensyr is a great example of this.

"I can guarantee you that no one is less excited about exercise than I am! However, I decided at age 40 I finally needed to be a participant in my own health and I got off the couch! Dynamic Fitness Solutions was offering a six week exercise program and it came with a nutrition guide. No gimmicks or fad diets's all handled the old fashioned way...move your body...make better choices with what goes in your mouth! It was the perfect introduction to a new healthy lifestyle. 

The workouts were challenging, but you get excellent support from the trainers so even as a beginner all the tools for success are there for the taking! Also there are options for training that only lasts 30 min. I did that three times a week and almost no extra working out. I was so successful in my first six weeks that I joined for the next six week challenge! Do I love exercise? Still a no, but you can't argue with the results...I lost 20 lbs and 8" off my waist alone. Plus I do love the trainers and fellow clients...the vibe is so positive and supportive! With two challenges under my belt I now have all the nutrition skills to proceed with that on my own (though Dynamic Fitness also has a great Facebook page that often offers recipes and food ideas) so I've now decided just to continue with their group exercise classes (still intimate groups, NOTHING like other boot camp and CrossFit type places)! 

Also, they offer training for any age and ability level. I am no athlete, but if you are there are trainers there who specialize in sports performance training. 

Photo is of my first 6 week results!"

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