Sports Performance at Dynamic Fitness Solutions 

Dynamic Fitness Solutions mission with young athletes is to develop a mindset of a champion and the performance level to back it up. 

Customized around each athlete and their specific performance needs, each athlete at Dynamic Fitness Solutions will be challenged physically and mentally in a progressive approach designed to push them to a higher level of competition. We enhance the performance for some of the world’s elite athletes, including players in the NHL, NFL, MLB, OHL, CHL, USHL, amongst many others. Our intense, scientifically and researched proven programming maximizes an athlete’s off-season leading to maximum in-season results, while addressing areas of weakness and instability to decrease the potential for injuries during the season.

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Dynamic Fitness Solutions provides a private gym that is centered around each athlete no matter if they are training 1-on-1 or in a group setting with our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. We utilize the off-season to improve performance and take the athlete’s ability to a superior level.

At Dynamic Fitness Solutions, many of our athletes utilize our small group settings made up of peers at the same level and a competitive environment. Our small groups are all instructed and each athlete’s progressions are tracked by our Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists. The small groups at Dynamic Fitness Solutions provides off-season programs specific to the athlete and their sport where each athlete is challenged by each other and maximize results. Dynamic Fitness Solutions uses maximum intensity, world-class strength and conditioning coaches and sports specific to guarantee elite training and experience.


Additionally, our Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning Programs is the #1 Choice for all South Florida Hockey Players, including several NHL players. Each hockey player is taken through a complete off-ice strength and conditioning program that is specific to the athlete’s position, needs and goals. The athlete is coached by the #1 Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in Florida, Rich Molin. Rich understands the game of hockey inside and out. He has experience as a professional hockey player to being an elite hockey coach. Each athlete’s progression is tracked at every session, so they continually get progressed in the proper manner which guarantees they will reach their goals by their season. The athlete will not only get stronger, but go through speed and agility drills improving how they move on the ice. Dynamic Fitness Solutions offers the complete off-ice hockey training program.