“Love this place and the results I’ve been able to achieve. I haven’t felt this great in years! 40 is the new 30, right? It is for this chick. Thanks for helping me reach my goals!”

Heather Peck

After going through multiple surgeries and radiation I was very weak and my muscles had completely deteriorated. A friend of mine, who went through the same thing, referred me to Dynamic Fitness Solutions because that’s what helped her regain strength and muscle. Since joining Dynamic Fitness Solutions I am much stronger! The thing I like best are my RESULTS and my personal trainer, Mike, is great!!! If you’re on the fence DO IT! You won’t regret it!

Linda Hall

After 6 months of not making progress after the birth of my baby, I needed something to motivate me. A friend signed up and I saw it as my inspiration! Now, I eat a little slower and healthier. I also stand a little taller. I feel great! I encourage you to close your eyes and jump in. If you think too hard you might talk yourself out of it and miss out!

Stacey Fugere

Two really awesome trainers in one place! They are good at what they do and they know what they're doing. Best workout I have had in a long time and they care about their clients. Highly recommended!

Leanna Richardson

Seriously the best and highly trained professional team in the area! They are all about injury prevention while helping you reach your goals and working around busy schedules

Heather Ann

"My name is Koa Misi. I play linebacker for the Miami Dolphins. About three years ago I was looking for a personal trainer to make me better. Someone who could push me to train harder and get more out of workouts. In this process I happened to get connected with Rich. Before I came into the NFL I trained at a facility called Athletes Performance in Los Angeles California.

Here they prepared me for the NFL combine and got me ready to enter the draft. I feel as though the workouts I do with Rich are just as good, if not even better than a high caliber training facility like Athletes Performance. What I am trying to get at is Rich has trained me for three years now.

Without him I would not be where I am today. He’s not only a great guy but a great trainer. He has taught me a lot about myself in the way I train and pushes me to do the extra work when I cant do it myself. Rich has a lot of knowledge about what he does and can alter workouts to fit your needs. If you are looking for a great personal trainer and someone that can push you to see the results you want. This is your guy!"

"I can guarantee you that no one is less excited about exercise than I am! However, I decided at age 40 I finally needed to be a participant in my own health and I got off the couch!  Dynamic Fitness Solutions was offering a six week exercise program and it came with a nutrition guide.  No gimmicks or fad diets here...it's all handled the old fashioned way...move your body...make better choices with what goes in your mouth! It was the perfect introduction to a new healthy lifestyle.

The workouts were challenging, but you get excellent support from the trainers so even as a beginner all the tools for success are there for the taking! Also there are options for training that only lasts 30 min. I did that three times a week and almost no extra working out.  I was so successful in my first six weeks that I joined for the next six week challenge! Do I love exercise? Still a no, but you can't argue with the results...I lost 20lbs and 8" off my waist alone.  Plus I do love the trainers and fellow clients...the vibe is so positive and supportive! With two challenges under my belt I now have all the nutrition skills to proceed with that on my own (though Dynamic Fitness also has a great Facebook page that often offers recipes and food ideas) so I've now decided just to continue with their group exercise classes (still intimate groups, NOTHING like other boot camp and CrossFit type places)! 

Also, they offer training for any age and ability level.  I am no athlete, but if you are there are trainers there who specialize in sports performance training.  

Photo is of my first 6 week results!" 

-Spensyr K. 

“I believe in commitment, and my Trainer Nicole reciprocates that belief. I was 240 lbs and lost my weight 100% with hard work, will power, and doing exactly what Nicole prescribed, nutritionally and Physically. I’m now 175 lbs and preparing for my first half Marathon. Commit Yourself! Do it!”

–Jacques Cole

"Working out with the DFS trainers and fitness community has shifted my perspective about SO MANY things regarding fitness and nutrition! I joined the six week total body transformation challenge not to lose weight, but to make a lifestyle change. I wanted to be exposed to healthier food options, ways to manage stress and a group of people who are supportive yet challenge me to push past the limits I place on myself. Since moving to Delray I’ve been so homesick and feeling like I don’t have access to my family and support who were only a 20 minute drive away. But, thanks to Nicole and the Dynamic Fitness Solutions crew, this place is feeling more and more like home. Check them out and experience for yourself! I stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a free kickboxing class and plan to be involved in everything they have to offer. Best decision I’ve ever made!"

-Dominique Whitehead

"The team at Dynamic Fitness Solutions is the best I've EVER trained with! In over 2 years of training with them, I have always improved my health and fitness levels month over month. They have helped me achieve goals I didn't even consider before working with them as I couldn't imagine they would be possible. My comfort zone has been crushed, my health has improved, my strength training has helped with chronic back and shoulder issues while never aggravating those conditions, and I have adopted a lifestyle that helps me live my best life with Type 1 Diabetes! Their encouraging support, guidance, and abilities to train those at all fitness levels are unparalleled in the industry; and they are right here in our own backyard! I encourage everyone to give them a try and see for yourself why I love training with them."

-Sammye Carroll

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